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After enjoying beautiful cherry blossoms at the shrine, we headed to the port side to fill up our stomach.

But we didn’t know any particular dining places there and just drove around the port area.

Luckily, we found this small yet nice sushi restaurant. On the lunch time, it seems like they only offer donburi (fish or other food on the top of rice) and all of us ordred “kaisen-don” so that we could have different kinds of seafood in one bowl.

Kaisendon 1,500yen ($19)

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Autumn Marathon

One Sunday in November,  I went to a marathon race, in which my senior colleague’s husband ran a 5km, with her and another person.

"Nerima Hikarigaoka Road Race"

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Beaujolais Nouveau 2011

On November 17th me and my friends hit one of my favorite Italian restaurants after work.
Coincidentally, it was the third Thursday in November. Beaujolais Nouveaus Day.
After a glass of sparkling wine, we naturally got our first taste of this year’s fresh fruity harvest.

I am a big fan of sea urchin roe. Some people say it looks gross, but fresh one tastes rich creamy :)

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