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Snack -June 5th, 2010-

Me and my co-workers had BBQ earlier on that Saturday. It started early in the morning and finished at 3pm or so. It was a lot of fun but I was a little tired. So I headed straight back home and treated me donuts and cold drink from Mister Donut. My donuts are ポン・デ・リング in kinako soybean powder and seasonal maccha green tea flavors. The drink is shaved ice with fruit jelly toppings, and very refreshing in such a hot day!

Perfectly forcused on the drink! :D

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Dinner -May 25th, 2010-

My sister Momo visited Tokyo for her job hunting and stayed at my place for a couple of days. She told me she wanted to go eat at our favorite Korean BBQ restaurant Tonchan as I asked her what she wants for dinner. So, we headed to one of the branches near my place. Yes, I go there very regularly like every month, but this time I hit this place 3 times in 2 weeks! I went there the previous weekend with my work friend and on Friday of the same week with my douki friends XD

Here is the previous review of this restaurant on April 23rd.

Ready to take a big bite ;)

More Korean food photos here!

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Dinner -May 27th, 2010-

My sister visited Tokyo so I decided to take her to the Sundubu jjigae Korean stew restaurant near my place. I had been there once before and liked it so much. Just like last time, I had seafood one and my sister had mixed of pork, chicken and seafood one called “magokoro” sundubu after the name of the restaurant.

Side dish and apple juice are served with the soup and rice :)

You can ask how spicy you want :) 0 is just salty without no spice at all!

Taken with my cellphone camera

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