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Dinner -May 28th, 2010-

It was a monthly dine-out with my douki friends. There was no talk and we decided to eat at Tonchan in Gotanda as usual. All of us love the food and it is located in the middle of everyone’s workplace and home.

There were supposed to be 5 people including me to come to the gathering, but one couldn’t make it. However, 4 of us enjoyed ourselves talking about random silly stuff, eating delicious Korean food, drinking alcohol :)

You can find my Sharp AQUOS cellphone and her colorful cute lighter :P

チャンジャ Korean fermented cod intestine. This is very spicy and tasty!

That was my third time to hit Tonchan in two weeks…!

Alright, here is previous posts about Tonchan.  April 23rd and May 25th.

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Dinner -April 23rd, 2010-

I was having a very busy week and there was one thing I was looking forward to for the whole month. Meet up and dine out with my favorite friends at our favorite place, とんちゃん.
It was a Friday night, when a lot of people try to have fun, especially those office workers. I am one of them. As some of you may know, I love this Korean restaurant. Not only one of the staff was good-looking, we love the food and noisy but cozy circumstances there

Small dishes (free!) and drinks all over the table

A lot more photos under the cut *image heavy*

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