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Lunch -July 30th, 2010-

Unagi-don (grilled eel fish on rice with sweet soy sauce) at unagi restaurant in Ginza, with my GM and douki work friend T after the meeting at the other office.
It was a treat of my GM. The eel was soft and tasty but not too oily. I finished my bowl much faster than usual because it was so good. Many thanks to my GM.


Lunch -July 29th, 2010-

Fried rice, radish & canned tuna mayonnaise salad from the local deli shop, and spicy vermicelli soup from Lawson.

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Lunch -July 28th, 2010-

Cold soup noodle “Morioka Reimen”, sausage and mixed fat-free yogurt from Lawson.  I usually like the chewy texture of the reimen noodle, but this one was not and the soup tasted a bit different.  After all, I didn’t enjoy my noodle and I got a stomachache after lunch.

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