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Lunch -June 17th, 2010-

Fried rice with takana pickles, karaage Japanese-style fried chicken, and spinach ohitashi Japanese-style boiled vegetable salad.

My phone camera doesn't capture a good food picture...:/

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Afternoon Break -June 16th, 2010-

That afternoon was pretty busy with 1 interview and 2 meetings. On the way back to the office, my general manager took me to this coffee shop for escape :D He always offers me anything I would like to have, which is very kind of him and lucky for me :)

View from inside the coffee shop

My iced coffee topped with vanilla ice cream :)

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Lunch -June 16th, 2010-

Curry soba instant noodle, corn dog, and spinach ohitashi Japanese-style salad from Lawson.

Combination of soba and curry is rare to find :D

My co-workers commented about how much I ate XD

I don’t know why but in Japan people call corn dog “American dog“. Probably, because it came from America. This is a good example of 和製英語 (made-in-Japan English, literally) and these make me wonder every time I come up with English-sound-like Japanese words.  I found out some people even make a website about it. Funny Japenglish or Engrish in their words :P

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