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Lunch -February 26th, 2010-

Beef stew at 銀の塔 [gin no tou] in Ginza.

Mine was mix stew, both beef meat and tongue. The meat was tender and juicy. The sauce was also very good. I would like to come back here again if I have enough money for this expensive lunch. It costs 2,500yen.

This time I went there with my boss so he paid for me.  Lucky me.

To my boss:  Thanks a lot for the delicious lunch!

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Maccha Latte

Green tea latte made from the green tea liquid with milk.

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Kataage garlic soy sauce

My current favorite potato chips brand from Calbee. This is the new flavor, garlic soy sauce.

I was watching this TV show during dinner and they tried to find out what snack goes well with rice.  As the best, they picked this potato chips from Koikeya. So I tried the chips with rice and it tasted better than I thought.

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