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Lunch -June 1st, 2010-

After meeting, my general manager lead me to a yakiniku Korean BBQ restaurant, 平城苑 [heijouen] . This is one of  the most well-known restaurants and expensive at night. But it offers you tasty yakiniku at affordable price.


More pictures of my yakiniku lunch!

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Tecchan at Monzen-nakacho -March 18th, 2010-

That night I got off work a little early and headed to Monzen-nakacho, which is about 15-20mins from the office. I was going to dine out at the yakiniku restaurant てっちゃん with my general manager and other co-workers. I had been to the restaurant before but it took me a while to find the way from the station. Yes, I have no sense of direction. I cannot read a map.  This time I went to the opposite side and finally arrived there a few minutes after we were supposed to meet up.  Only one person was there, the general manager came as soon as I took a seat and the other one could not make it.

Anyways, we started the night with a glass of Japanese draft beer!

our table loaded with food!

Wait! There are more foods photos here!!!

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Lunch -April 1st, 2010-

牛焼肉弁当 (beef BBQ bento) from the yakiniku restaurant near the office. It was very tasty and filled my stomach.

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