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Lunch -August 26th, 2010-

Had lunch alone at the deli place near the office since the meeting was moved back an hour, which was during our lunch time.

Hamberger steak with avocado, green salad with its orignal sesame dreassing (amazing!) , rice and soup :)

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Lunch -June 10th, 2010-

Indian curry lunch again. I was thinking of pork curry but ended up on my always-favorite spicy prawn curry with naan bread and coleslaw.

The curry place Nobby's opens until late night

Lunch pictures here

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Dinner -June 11th, 2010-

Lately, I hang out with my co-workers quite often. Last Friday night an older co-worker asked me and other people for drinking and 7 of us gathered at an izakaya, Japanese-style pub near the office. I was a little late and everybody was there when I got there. The place is very small but cozy and I liked its smoked miso-marinated bacon. (No pictures of the food, though)

My cassis-beer. I love the color :)

Outside of the izakaya

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