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Lunch -August 26th, 2010-

Had lunch alone at the deli place near the office since the meeting was moved back an hour, which was during our lunch time.

Hamberger steak with avocado, green salad with its orignal sesame dreassing (amazing!) , rice and soup :)

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Dinner -August 20th, 2010-

After the seminar regarding incorporate communication, I and my general manager, who also attended the seminar grabbed a quick bite nearby. ARROWS CLUB TRATTORIA is a small but cozy Italian restaurant bar.

ARROWS CLUB at night

See the food pictures

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Lunch -August, 24th, 2010-

Had lunch with my general manager before the meeting. It is a Japanese restaurant つきじ植むら at Ten-nozu Isle, which is in the Southern part of Tokyo and on the way to Haneda Airport by Tokyo Monorail.

花ちらし & 冷やしとろろうどん

Close-up pictures under the cut

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