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Juicy Xiaolongbao Lunch

Before going to the Belgian Beer Weekend, me and my friends had lunch at the Nanxiang Steamed Bun Restaurant, which is famous for Shanghai-style xiaolongbao steamed bun filled with pork, also known as “soup dumplings”.

Good broth seeped out into the spoon, served with black Chinese vinegar and shredded ginger

Other types of dumplings and some other food photos here

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Lunch -August 27th, 2010

Fried chicken, paprica and cashew nuts, gyoza dumpling, potato salad, miso soup, rice and almond jelly drink

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Dinner -August 18th, 2010-

No-Zangyo (overwork) Day started a couple month ago in my workplace and every Wednesday all the workers are supposed to leave the office on time. So, this Wednesday I had dinner with my GM and a younger co-worker M as the GM asked us out.

Since M said she doesn’t often have Chinese foods, he picked a Chinese restaurant in Ginza, Shanghai Tang Bao. Their nine-course dinner sounded nice and was delicious. At the same time, it was filling and me and M couldn’t eat much after the appetizer and two dumpling dishes.

My xiaolongtangbao!!!

More Chinese food photos under the cut

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