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Lunch -April 30th, 2010-

Bacon Lettuce Burger meal set with French fries and ginger ale at McDonald’s.
I was thinking of trying the prawn burger with sesame buns but feeling like meat and junk. Here are also many people and I can hear a baby crying over there…

996kcal in total...

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Harajuku Shopping Day

A shopping town of Harajuku is always crowded. Since many people are on holiday bx taking a day off today, it seems there are more people compared to a weekday.
Finally, the weather becomes normal. Warm and comfortable spring days. So, I went out and had to treat myself something nice. I bought bunch of stuff for myself and one each for my sisters and mom. For dad, I just did him a big favor he asked, so I didn’t get any.
I like shopping but I really have to save. So this is my last time in a while. Maybe until my next bonus.

the grocery section at MUJI

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Business Trip to Osaka

I stayed at KKR Hotel Osaka at that night. This hotel is located pretty close to Osaka Castle and you can enjoy great views of the castle. Yet, it was rainy and the view was not as good. I wished it had been sunny so I could have taken better photos.

My room for the night, compact but cozy :)

Next morning I was getting ready

Thick clouds...

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