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Beaujolais Nouveau 2011

On November 17th me and my friends hit one of my favorite Italian restaurants after work.
Coincidentally, it was the third Thursday in November. Beaujolais Nouveaus Day.
After a glass of sparkling wine, we naturally got our first taste of this year’s fresh fruity harvest.

I am a big fan of sea urchin roe. Some people say it looks gross, but fresh one tastes rich creamy :)

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Lunch -September 25th, 2010-

I didn’t notice it was the end of September when I posted last time! For these times I have been a little too busy and didn’t feel like blogging. Yet, finally I’m back. I will post as much as before. I have too many beautiful photos to share!!!

Well, here is my first post in two months.

On that day, I had lunch at a Californian restaurant, Wolfgang Puck in Shinjuku with my co-workers. I had never heard of  this restaurant before, but one of them suggested it. Apparently, the restaurant is popular.

Their famous salmon pizza. Cream cheese between crust and salmon

More food photos under the cut

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Lunch -August 18th, 2010-

Lunch alone at PRONTO caffe and bar before meeting held in a group company office. The place was full of office workers and I had to wait 10-15mins for my spaghetti to arrive!

My iced tea with lemon and Japanese-style Spaghetti with Dried Baby Sardines and Karashi-Takana pickles

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