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Gonbei at Waseda -February 6th, 2010-

This used to be one of my favorite food places around the campus when I was in college. I went there with friends a lot and always had “katsudon” or “nabeyaki udon”.

For some reason, I started to miss it and decided to walk 10-15mins for my old-good-days food.

Since it was very cold that day, I settled on nabeyaki. All the udon comes with “kayaku gohan”, which is rice cooked with soy sauce, and “donburi” that is something on the top of rice serves with a small bowl of udon soup.

At that time, they ran out of kayaku gohan. So they cut 100yen from the original price for me. While most of udon was 500-600 yen, nabeyaki costs 950 yen. I guess it’s because they use the pot to cook and it’s more troublesome.

The portion was big enough even for a guy. There are an egg, “aburaage”, veggies, “kamaboko” (fish sausage) and more cooked with udon. What I like the best about this udon is that the pot can keep the food warm until you finish eating!

It filled my hungry and cold stomach with warm satisfaction.

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