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Lunch -June 7th, 2010-

It was a very hot day and I was feeling like Southeast Asian. So I went to this deli cafe, which often has Indonesian and Thai foods.

They have the different lunch menus everyday :)

Let’s find out what my lunch is!

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Lunch -May 13th, 2010-

Nasi goreng, Indonesian friend rice and egg corn soup.
I still like this, but the one I had in Indonesia was better.

This lunch costed 720yen (Nasi Goreng: 620, Soup: 100)

I want the egg more cooked...

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Lunch -March 16th, 2010-

Nasi goreng, Indonesian fried rice with fried egg and soup from my favorite deli cafe near the office. 780yen. Yogurt with diced apple from Lawson.

I always like the food from this place. The chef is a young woman and cooks a lot kinds of dishes like spaghetti, locomoco, Thai curry, pad thai (Thai fried noodle) and more. I wish I could cook those!

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