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Dinner -April 21st, 2010-

For the next day’s incorporate conference, I headed to Osaka by Shinkansen bullet train with two other co-workers. It was 19:30 when we left Tokyo station and bought obento for dinner. It was a little overpriced but I still enjoyed it.

Me and one of the co-workers wanted to sleep after dinner since it was a long trip to Osaka, 2.5 hours. But the other one was drunk and speaking non stop. It was a disaster.

The chicken looks plain but tastes very good!

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Breakfast -April 22nd, 2010-

I don’t usually have breakfast unless I’m back in my parents’ house.

I stayed at a hotel near Osaka-jo (Osaka Castle) from the night before. The breakfast buffet was at a restaurant in 12th floor, where I could see Osaka-jo clearly. The view from there was spectacular even though it was rainy. (I will post some photos of the castle soon)

As well as the view, the food was good. Since I knew I wouldn’t have time for lunch, I had almost all the dishes but a little of each. As you can see the photos, I ate a lot.

Quite big breakfast!

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