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As I updated Day 1 posts, I realized this is a food blog. Not a “adventure” blog. Initially I was intended to write about my everyday’s lives, what I think and how I feel. Or what I do and care is only food? Maybe that is true. I feel happy when I think about food and food makes me happy :)

Anyways, on the 2nd day we woke up at  6-6:30am, took a onsen *again* and had breakfast at 8:30am in the dining hall. It was a buffet and I love buffet breakfasts. My youngest sister prefers a set meal because she gets confused which and how much she should pick out from wide variety of choices. For me, I just take whatever it looks good and I like.

This is my breakfast. Oh, wait. There is more…!

More food and more food

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Coffee Break -June 1st, 2010-

In the morning, I met with my general manager at PRONTO, cafe & bar before 9am meeting at the group company’s office. It was 8:30am and I saw many people reading or working on computer with their cup of coffee. As some of you may know, I am not a morning person. I admit I am a night owl, but I thought it would be nice to get up early and enjoy your time in the morning, eating breakfast with coffee, walking in the fresh air, studying something new, etc. Yet, I haven’t started but I’m trying to get up earlier than usual :D

Coffee with brown sugar jelly and milk :)

I had another coffee break =)

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2010 Golden Week Family Trip -Day 3 / Part 1-

The last day of the trip began with onsen in the very early morning just like the day before.

The breakfast is also Japanese style and we all liked it.

The whole set of my breakfast

Click here to more breakfast photos ;)

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