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Quick business trip to Nagoya

On the night of September 16th, I left for Nagoya to attend the opening ceremony the next day. Because of this event, I had been busy and stressed out. It is all over now and I’m glad to be back to normal.

Here are some photos that I took during my trip. That was too bad it was too short and I didn’t have time to go sightseeing in the town.

My shumai obento dinner with YEBISU beer on the train <3

More Nagoya & Food photos

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Lunch -June 10th, 2010-

Indian curry lunch again. I was thinking of pork curry but ended up on my always-favorite spicy prawn curry with naan bread and coleslaw.

The curry place Nobby's opens until late night

Lunch pictures here

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Lunch -June 2nd, 2010-

Pork deep-fried tatsutaage obento from the Japanese restaurant near the office. I was hoping they would have this menu for that day and they did! So, I ordered one gladly ;)

More pictures under the cut

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