Autumn Marathon

One Sunday in November,  I went to a marathon race, in which my senior colleague’s husband ran a 5km, with her and another person.

"Nerima Hikarigaoka Road Race"

Blessed with great weather. No wind in the beautiful sky.

This is an official mascot for National Sport Festival 2013, which is created based on Tokyo's symbol "yurikamome"black-headed gull. (Sorry, I only got its back-shot). In a sunny day, I bet he/she should be sweating so bad :P Btw, it was raining the night before. That is why it is wearing plastic bags on its feet :D

Someone is running in a Santa Cruise costume and he was quite fast!

One quite interesting that I found from this day is that most of the fastest runners are in their 40-50s or even older. I was very impressed that a skinny fit bold old man was running as if he was just in his first 100m. Also, I noticed probably it would be a good opportunity for a father to earn respects from his family.

After we watched his race and met him and his other 2 friends who also ran, me and other girls headed to Uniqlo, then lunch.
At Uniqlo, they were having a big discount because it was their anniversary. So, the shop was packed with people, people and people.

I finally had my lunch at Jonathan’s, a major family style restaurant chain in Japan.

Salad of lettuce, wakame seaweed, onion, tomato and tuna with Japanese-style dressing. It was okay, but too much mayonnaise.

Spaghetti alla Puttanesca. Bacon, Mozzarella cheese and olives with spicy tomato sauce.

Like the other times, girls like to chat and we spent about 4 hours there :)

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