After enjoying beautiful cherry blossoms at the shrine, we headed to the port side to fill up our stomach.

But we didn’t know any particular dining places there and just drove around the port area.

Luckily, we found this small yet nice sushi restaurant. On the lunch time, it seems like they only offer donburi (fish or other food on the top of rice) and all of us ordred “kaisen-don” so that we could have different kinds of seafood in one bowl.

Kaisendon 1,500yen ($19)

Shiogama Port

The city was affected by last year’s tsunami.

This is the sushi place. It was full and we waited  5-10 mins in the waiting room just next to the restaurant.

Inside the restaurant. On the wooded board they show their sushi ingredients.

Ta-da! Here is my kaisen-don with miso soup :)

The owner’s wife told us that there are 18 ingredients!

Some of the ingredients are covered with others. It’s like discovering a hidden treasure under the sea :)

I liked this yellow thing a lot. It is shishamo fish cod in small squid.

Apparently, the seafood was fresh and very tasty. Also I enjoyed a warm atmosphere created by the owner chef and his family.

All of us left the restaurant with a happy full belly :)

食事処 伸光


1-19-2, Shinhamacho, Shiogama, Miyagi

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2 thoughts on “2012 GOLDEN WEEK FAMILY TRIP -Day 1 Part 2-

  1. sybaritica says:

    That’s ana amazing melange of seafood. What is the greyish wrinkly thing in the very middle of the mix?

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