2010 Golden Week Family Trip -Day 3 / Part 3-

For lunch, we stopped by Sushiro, a “Kaiten-zushi” sushi-go-round restaurant chain. I had never been to this restaurant, but my family had been there several times and like it. Most of the sushi dishes are only 105 yen for each and it has a wide variety of seafoods.

You can order sushi using a touch screen, which is set up on each table. How cool ;)

The place is new and already popular

Sushi plates on a rotating conveyor belt. It alarts you as your order is coming :)

Sardine (I guess...)

Raw octopus ;)

Raw crabmeat

Fresh crab meat

Chawanmushi. Kaiten-zushi restaurant usually offer you other side dishes and desserts, too!

Then, we headed to my grandma’s to drive her off and say hi to her family. There was only my uncle at home with a little company of a new face.

Homemade shiitake mushrooms being sun-dried in the garden

Shiba-zakura (Phlox subulata!?) We used to have this in my old house

Her family just got a puppy a few weeks before as a present from one of my cousins. He is a few months old pedigree Shiba Inu dog. (Yes, he is expensive like 100,000 yen) Anyways, because of my sisters’ allergies, my family never had any pets except golden fish and turtles. Both of my sisters were a little nervous at first but they started to play with him and adore him very much.

His name is Ryutaro. Yep, he is a boy :)

He just can't stop moving :D

Biting my thumb...it actually hurts!

Then, my uncle said he had to put Ryutaro in the cage since this puppy was too excited and had to rest. So me and my sisters went to my family’s kindergarten for viewing sakura. It is right next to my grandma’s house and I used to go there with my sisters and cousins.

Muchy photographing sakura *again*

This sakura is more pink and volume :)

I put these to my sisters heads as hair clip :D

Also, we played basketball,although none of us really know how to play :P There, I felt everything is small and it looks different from what I remember. Probably, as I grew up I forget those old days.

At last, here are some photos of  tulips. I bought its bulbs from the Netherlands via my company’s Amsterdam office and gave them to my mom. She raised them well and they grew big and beautiful!

Some of the colors are rare to find here ;)

I wonder they are supposed to be this tall...

This is the prettiest one, I think :)

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2 thoughts on “2010 Golden Week Family Trip -Day 3 / Part 3-

  1. leeswammes says:

    I’ve seen a sushi-go-round restaurant in London, in a big shopping mall (it’s just out in the open, there). I didn’t try it but I would like to, one day. It looks like fun.

    Ryutaro looks so adoring! What a sweetie!

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