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Dinner -June 21st, 2010-

3 of my female co-workers have birthdays in late June, so we decided to throw a dinner party for them. I’m one of the organizers and book a table at Lime in Yurakucho, another branch in Azabu of which is often used for TV shooting, as all the birthday girls liked this place out of other 2 options which I offered them. For presents, other organizers prepared pretty bouquets of  fresh flowers and small teddy bear :)

I like their nameboard :)

Birthday dinner pictures under the cut

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Afternoon walk in Tokyo

On that day, I went out to a seminar held near Tokyo station with my general manger. He suggested taking Edo-Bus, Chuo-ku comunity bus from near the office to Tokyo station. It costs only 100 yen. The bus is small and painted red with some animal character, looking very cute.

The fee is only 100 yen much cheaper than 200yen To-Bus (Tokyo-to bus) :D

Anyways, after that we headed to other place for meeting and walked through Yurakucho. I passed by Lipton Cafe near Yurakucho station and thought I should take my sister Momo here.  She loves tea. Hope she will visit me and stay here for a little longer.

The modern and chic Lipton Cafe


Dinner -May 26th, 2010-

After work, I met up with my sister Momo at Bic Camera in Yurakucho and looked at iPod since hers broke and she was thinking to get a new one. Then, we went to have dinner at this Chinese restaurant nearby.

We ordered 2 dishes but both of them tasted blank. Definitely, they needed more salt.

チンジャオロース stir-fried green pepper, bamboo shoot and beef

Fried rice with seafood

More food and drink here!

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