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Afternoon Tea -July 6th, 2010-

After a business meeting in the evening, me and my GM called it a day and tried to flee from the summer heat. After all, we found this coffee shop called Cafe Izumi in Ginza Ins.

Waitress Betty Boop...!?

Coffee shop but I had waffles!

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Dinner -July 12th, 2010-

A doki work friend T working in other office,  a ten-minute walk from mine asked me out for her current favorite izakaya Japanese style bar restaurant 豊年満作 in Ginza. The place was small and cozy, and I like its friendly and sort of nostalgic atmosphere.

In front of the entrance. The izakaya is in the first basement.

Izakaya food pictures under the cut

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Lunch -July 21st, 2010-

Another luxury lunch with my boss.  This time a stylish French restaurant in Ginza or Yurakucho area, le 6eme sens d’OENON. It was memorable and I really want to come back here at night for drinks or dining.

Colorful fresh-looking salad

The rest of the French cuisines photography

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