As I updated Day 1 posts, I realized this is a food blog. Not a “adventure” blog. Initially I was intended to write about my everyday’s lives, what I think and how I feel. Or what I do and care is only food? Maybe that is true. I feel happy when I think about food and food makes me happy :)

Anyways, on the 2nd day we woke up at  6-6:30am, took a onsen *again* and had breakfast at 8:30am in the dining hall. It was a buffet and I love buffet breakfasts. My youngest sister prefers a set meal because she gets confused which and how much she should pick out from wide variety of choices. For me, I just take whatever it looks good and I like.

This is my breakfast. Oh, wait. There is more…!

A combination of Japanese and Western foods

Octopus sashimi

Nameko sticky mushroom and shredded Daikon radish

Salad. Lettuce, broccoli, mini tomatoes and egg salad, with sesame dressing.

Almond tofu with canned pear and yellow peach

I liked fresh pineapples.

Yogurt with kiwi fruit sauce

Cafe latte

I finished almost all :)

After dinner, we still have an hour until check-out. While me, mom and grandma did make-up :) my sister was sleeping…again.

The view from the balcony of our room

Dad reading newspaper in sunlight

At 10am, we went down to the lobby and had our drinks, coffee, orange juice or coke to enjoy our last minute at the hotel.

A souvenir shop is always located just next to the front desk and the lobby. As usual, we bought some local food like snacks, pickles for family or friends.

At 10am, we checked out the hotel and head to the next onsen. Since my sister complained, I sit in the back seat. But I enjoyed more extra space and stretched my legs there :P

A typical Japanese country scenery. It was before transplanting the rice seedling.

My favorite “Tama-Kon-nyaku” that I bought at a highway service area. It is cooked in soy sauce and usually served with Japanese mustard. We avoided snacking during this trip, but kon-nyaku is healthy so I was approved to have it :)

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One thought on “2012 GOLDEN WEEK FAMILY TRIP -Day 2 Part 1-

  1. Brenda Lee says:

    The food looks scrumptious~! It reminds me of my trip to Japan where the food always looks so colourful and delicate :) By the way wanted to let you know I’ve changed my blog address to: http://brenvity.com/


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