At 3pm, we arrived a the hotel Sansuikaku of Osawa Onsen in Hanamki, Iwate. This hotel is surrounded by mountains and standing by the river, we enjoyed our time in our room and relaxed more than at home. Besides, the dinner was good. Very good :)

Our dinner main dish sukiyaki. Look at these beef slices (on the right bottom)!

At the hotel lobby. Cozy and tidy.

My grandma enjoying her green tea with admiring the view

Snack time. Assorted nuts & rice crackers. We (except my sisters) are such nut lovers :)

Before dinner at 6:30pm, we went to take a bath. The hotel has a few hot spring “onsen” facilities and we tried the biggest one.

A calligraphy on the hotel wall. It means “hot water” generally, and also “hot spring”.

A dining area where we had our dinner.

I quickly looked through the menu. It is 12 course :)

Some of the dishes are prepaird in the table and the other hot meals will be served according.

My dad and I had a local red wine, but it was almost tasteless :(

#1 Soft tofu with soup jelly. The tofu has a rich flavor of soy beans.

#2 Marinated shellfish and white turnip

#3 Grilled egg plant, bamboo shoot with mayonnaise miso (soy bean paste), roasted duck, prawn tempura, egg fish cake

#4 Kuzuuchi soup with white fish

#5 Sashimi; tuna (top), sea bream (bottom right) and “yukime” (bottom left), a hybrid of rainbow trout and moutain trout.

#6 Sawara spanish mackerel grill

The fish is served in a wood shaving wrap. Love how they present the ordinal dish in an inordinate way :)

#7 Braised pork. The pork is a brand pork called Hakkin-ton, named after Hanamaki-born late authour Kenji Miyazawa‘s phrase “Pork has the same value as white gold”. Anyways, it was not seasoned enough and the pork was not soft at all :/

#8 Deep-fried potato ball with thicken soup

#9 Sukiyaki!!! We enjoyed both Yonezawa-gyu, brand Japanese beef from Yonezawa, Yamagata and Hakkin-ton :)

The waitress told us how to cook sukiyaki and it is a bit different from how we do at home. They recommend grilling beef fat, spring onion, beef/pork, then adding soy sauce based salty sweet sukiyaki sauce and vegetables and mushroom.

Dipped in soft-boiled egg “onsen tamago”. Usually, sukiyaki is served with raw egg but the egg is too sticky and we cannot get it together with beef. With onsen tamago, it can blend with beef more and we can enjoy both egg and beef together. So we made sukiyaki at home and ate it with onsen tamago afterwards :)

#10 Miso soup of asari clam

#11 Pickles of cabbage (top) and radish (bottom left), and salted-sweeten-cooked seaweed

#12 Dessert. Hyuganatsu citrus, strawberry and shochu liquor sorbet. There is also melon ice cream and me and dad had shochu and my grandma, mom and sister had melon.

As you can see, it was a lot and I couldn’t finish all.

After dinner, we went back to the room and laid down on futon and chilled.
As a tradition, I went to take a bath again in other onsen with mom and my sister.
Each hot spring has benefits that vary, and this one is said it’s good for your skin and it really is
because I could feel my dry skin became soft and moisturized :)

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One thought on “2012 GOLDEN WEEK FAMILY TRIP -Day 1 Part 3-

  1. charmedbylove says:

    great food there! i miss japan and their brilliant food!

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