Day 1.


  • Beautiful cherry blossoms in Shiogama Shrine
  • Locally caught fresh fish lunch at Shiogama Seaport (Will be on blog post Day 1 Part 2)
  • Wagyu Japanese beef dinner & hot spring at onsen hotel in Hanamaki, Iwate (Will be on Day 1 Part 3)

Great sakura view inside the shrine with the sea in the distance.

My dad checked the traffic information the night before and decided to leave home early in the morning to avoid traffic jams.  Usually if we are heading to north, there isn’t a heavy traffic, but this is “Golden Week”. Everybody goes on holiday. So, we got into our Voxy at 8 in the morning.

My mom made 10-15 onigiri rice balls! This is grilled salmon.

It looks like my grandma is talking to the pig :) Actually, I also brought another cushion for napping in the car.

Stopped by a highway rest area at 10am.

This is my first time to see a bathroom map board like this. The red ones are occupied.  I thought it is a good idea because you don’t have to walk around to find one.

At 11am we arrived Shiogama, Miyagi and visited Shiogama Shrine. A lot of tourists were there to pray and see sakura cherry blossoms .

I was wondering how old this tree is. At least a hundred years?!

Cherry blossom with a red shrine gate “torii”

This stone-carved dog is called “koma-inu” which is also a symbolic item of Shinto shrines.

With my dad and my sister, I went up to the main shrine building, while my grandma and mom stayed in the rest area.

This shows the year of kids” shichi-go-san and the elderly’s longevity celebration, and climacteric year.

At the shrine, people make a money offering and pray. I offered 5 yen because 5yen is pronounced “go-en” which also means “good luck” in Japanese, and it is common to do so in Japan.

“o-miguji” sacred lots / paper fortunes. Many people including my sister like buying omikuji for fun or because of the tradition.

Me and my sister bought this home-made salt wishing my grandma’s good health. “Shio” for the Shio-gama Shrine means “salt” in Japanese and they actually make of salt from sea water every year.

Beautiful spring day

I love the contrast of pale pink cherry flowers and deep blue sky :)

You can bring your lunch and eat in the grass.

There are various different kinds of cherry trees. Some has large flowers with rich pink petals. Some has low-hanging branches.

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One thought on “2012 GOLDEN WEEK FAMILY TRIP -Day 1 Part 1-

  1. charmedbylove says:

    the cherry blossoms look so cheery!

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