2012 GOLDEN WEEK FAMILY TRIP -overall review-

For the first time since 2011 Earthquake and Tsunami, my family and I went on a trip. After going through a tough year, we felt blessed that all of us are safe and healthy, and we could have quality time together again. Unfortunately, my youngest sister couldn’t join us because of her school stuff, though.

Throughout the holiday, the weather was quite nice. Sunny and warm or hot like in summer. We travled around Tohoku region in northern Japan and sakura season just arrived there, which allowed us to enjoy beautiful cherry blossoms in full bloom :)

Cherry blossoms in both sides of highway

Here is the trip time-line.

April 28th, Saturday

  • Left home at 8:30am for Miyagi
  • Visited Shiogama Shrine in Shiogama, Miyagi
  • Lunch at Shinko in Shiogama, Miyagi
  • Arrive at the hotel at 3pm
  • Stayed at Sansuikaku of Osawa Onsen in Hanamaki, Iwate

April 29th, Sunday/Showa Day (public holiday)

  • Left the hotel at 11am for Yamagata
  • Lunch at Sakaeya Honten in Yamagata, Yamagata
  • Arrived at the hotel at 4pm
  • Stayed at Kajikaso of Onogawa Onsen in Yonezawa, Yamagata

April 30th, Monday (substitute holiday)

  • Left the hotel at 8:20am
  • Visited my sister’s school for parents’ day
  • Lunch at Kicchoan in Iwaki, Fukushima
  • Arrived back home at 2:30pm
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