Friend’s Wedding -Part 2-

It was very nice spring day. Warm and sunny.
I always think Kansai area (Western Japan) is too hot in summer and too cold in winter, though.

While at the waiting room, I met one of my high school classmates for the first time after gradation.
Old friends gathered at the classmate’s wedding and it brought back many fond memories.

Well, a wedding party comes along with great food.
As it was a exclusive Japanese-style restaurant “ryotei“, obviously, the food was divine.

Wedding cake. I got the mango ;)

Pretty table setting

Toast the happy couple with a flat-cup sakazuki of sake

Handwritten 8-course banquet menu

1. Appetizer sampler; sushi, prawn, yuba tofu, herring fish roe, etc.

2. Soup; Clam, mochi sticky rice cake, crane-shaped carrot & tortoise-shaped radish , with yuzu citron peel and gold leaf. Both cranes and tortoises are considered to bring happiness and good luck in Japanese culture.

3. Sashimi; tai sea bream and squid

4. Taki-awase; Nagaimo yam and sea bream roe

5. Yakimono grills; salmon and scallop marinated with miso. Black beans are also good luck food.

6. Wagyu Japanese beef and stick vegetables with sesame creamy sauce

7. Red sticky rice with pickles and miso soup

8. Dessert & Fruits; Orange, watermelon, blueberry jelly

I enjoyed every moment, literally.
Like the other wedding parties, they entertained us with a homemade video, in which the couple’s friends and families are interviewed and the couple were shot secretly, and letters from the bride to her family, and from the groom to the bride. I heard people both laughing and sobbing.

It was classy and gorgeous, at the same time, it was very heartwarming.
Throughout the party, I could feel how the couple respect their families and friends and appreciate them for sharing this special occasion together.

This was the most memorable wedding party that I have ever attended.

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