Friend’s Wedding -Part 1-

I know this is long overdue, but I will blog things that I wanted to share, food, trip, events,etc.
One by one. Little by little :)

So, here you go. This is a “real” post about my friend’s wedding back in May.

Little cute teddy bear couple. The card said "Okoshiyasu", which means "Welcome." in Kyoto direct.

I was invited along with another friend from high school, who happened to live in Tokyo.
So two of us planned to go there together and stay one night after the wedding.

My breakfast on Shinkansen bullet train to Kyoto

View from Shinkansen

Kyoto Station. You can see many school boys and girls on the other platform. It was a school trip season.

Kyoto Tower. The last time I visited Kyoto in junior highschool I didn't think I saw the tower.

A large bus terminal in fron of the station. I figured the most convenient mean of traveling in Kyoto is bus. Also, Kyoto City Bus offers "All-day Pass" with only 500 yen ($6) while the fare for one ride is 200-300 yen.

The wedding ceremony was held at the Japanese-style restaurant located in the right side of the picture

At the waiting room, we were welcomed with kombu seaweed tea.

After enjoying the atomosphere and great view, we were led to the other building, where the party took place.

Nice and classy. I loved the low chair because it was so comfy :)

Before the bride and groom arrived, Everybody was so excited. I was curious about her dress :)

This is all for now. Next will be the massive banquet food update ;)

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2 thoughts on “Friend’s Wedding -Part 1-

  1. MK says:

    Hi. Thank you for following my blog :) Ah…Kyoto is one of my favourite places in Japan. 駅弁!懐かしいですね・・・

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