February 21st, 2011

For lunch, my boss took me to this kushikatsu restaurant, ぎんざ磯むら. Kushikatsu is a Japanese-style deep-fried food, vegetables, meat or seafoods on bamboo sticks, which is originated in Osaka, Western Japan.

The restaurant seems old but clean and cozy with the traditional Japanese interiors and great lighting. The service was very good, too. Every food was served hot and at the right time. I liked it when I could watch how they prepare and fry our food over the counter. It’s better to have seats at the bar here.

Will definitely go back next time :)

One person prepare and the other fry katsu

Our lunch set was 8 kushikatsu with rice, miso soup, pickles, and cabbage.

Pupkin and pork (maybe) =P Green fish is for you to put "kushi" screws after eating

Mochi and "tarako" cod fish. The mochi was melting inside!

Shiitake muchroom with onion/negi toppings

Asparagus with mayonnaise. It was not hard at all, just cooked right and juicy~

Tail-on Shrimp. I actually love shrimp tails, crispy and tasty :D

Fruit sherbet. Maybe lemon or something citrus =P


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