Shinjuku Tombo & Cold Stone Creamery

It’s been more than one month since my last post and the year 2011 has begun!

Last month my boyfriend came to visit me. Since I didn’t take a holiday in summer, I had a long New Years holiday after Christmas.

On this day, we went to Shinjuku for shopping and had dinner afterwards. It was 9pm and most of the restaurants were closing soon, so we headed to the Shinjuku station building “LUMINE”, which is open until 11pm!

There are many restaurants on the top two floors. It is good that there are so many choices. At the same time that made us hesitate to pick one. So I left it to him to decide!

He chose a Japanese-style bar izakaya “Shinjuku Tombo”.

I love izakaya dinner =)


"Tombo" means dragonfly in Japanese :)

We both ordered cocktails using “akadama”, sweet wine from Suntory.

His ”Akadama Mango”


White akadama with soda for me

Our starter "Tenshi-no Yude-ebi"with dipping sauce-soup. Literally means "Angel's boiled prawns" :D

The color is orangish pink and looks tempting

While shelling the prawns, I found the best part. Brains!

Tuna spring rolls with sweet chili sauce


Very healthy and refreshing

"Buta mabushi gohan"


Minced meat sandwiched with deep fried pork and rice :)

Pouring the soup to make it "ochazuke"

After dinner, we went to Cold Stone Creamery on the same floor as we had planned :)

There were many people lining up when we got there


We settled on "Germanchökolätekäke" of chocolate ice cream, pecans, coconut, brownie, and caramel


They mix ice cream and other ingredients on the "cold stone" :)


Rich chocolate flavor makes a perfect combination with coconut and pecans!

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