Shinjuku Kabukicho During the Day

It was after this lunch. We were walking toward JR Shinjuku station and heading to the bowling place.

The sky was clear blue

It gets even more crowded later at night

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2 thoughts on “Shinjuku Kabukicho During the Day

  1. Brenda says:

    Merry Christmas Yoshi!! There are 12 days of Chrismas so I’m not too late :P I should be wishing you happy new year soon. May it be a great 2011 for you my dear and smooth journey ahead. All the best and hope to see more yummy food post from you.

    P/s I’m sorry you weren’t able to comment on my blog previously :( Not sure what the problem was but I’ve changed the layout; hopefully it’s fine now!!

    • Yoshi says:

      Thanks for your wish and I’m so sorry for the very late reply >_<
      Happy belated merry Christmas and new year to you, Brenda!
      How did you spend your holiday?

      P.S. Your new layout looks stunning! I still can't comment but will keep reading yours~ And I will start updating my blog regularly again :)

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