Lunch – September 15th, 2010-

Having lunch at Kagaya, a Japanese restaurant is always satisfying. I went there with my boss after checking out an exhibition held in Tokyo Big Sight, right next to the building, in which this restaurant is located.

My 鮪茶漬け lunch set

"Chawanmushi" steamed eggs with crab meat

Simmered hijiki sea vegetable with carrots and aburaage deep-fried tofu

First, I had this tuna as sashimi with soy sauce just like usual. Finishing the half of it, I dipped it into the thick sesame sauce and put it on the top of the rice for ochazuke

Nori seaweed, negi green onion, shiso herb and myoga for ochazuke toppings

Dashi soup is poured over to rice with tuna sashimi

Ready to be ochazuke...

The soup was mixed with the sesame sauce and it tasted pretty good :)

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4 thoughts on “Lunch – September 15th, 2010-

  1. Brenda says:

    i miss your posts!!!

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