Juicy Xiaolongbao Lunch

Before going to the Belgian Beer Weekend, me and my friends had lunch at the Nanxiang Steamed Bun Restaurant, which is famous for Shanghai-style xiaolongbao steamed bun filled with pork, also known as “soup dumplings”.

Good broth seeped out into the spoon, served with black Chinese vinegar and shredded ginger

My "Tapioca Coconut Milk Float" @ First Kitchen while waiting for my friends

I always love pearls and coconut milk ;)

Metropolitan used-to-be popular symbol, Tokyo Tower

The restaurant originated in Nanxiang, a suburb of Shanghai

We ordered 3 different fillings; plain pork, crab roe, and abalone


Our steamed xiaolongbao on a bed of dried leaves. It was very hot and very tasty :

The orange thing on the top is crab roe!

Salty fishy soup of crab roe. After all, I like the traditional pork one the best :D

Stir-fried Chinese spinach, simple but pretty good

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