Belgian Beer Weekend Tokyo 2010

My friend M heard there was this beer festival and it was held for the first time. So, 4 of us went there and had a very good time enjoying Belgian beer and food outside in the downtown Tokyo on a hot late summer or early autumn day.

MISTIC LIME in "my glass". 3,000 yen advanced ticket includes a beer glass

More people came later and there was almost no space to sit at night

The other side of the place, where we found a table for us

Our table. We were browsing through the brochure to find our next beer

Tomato & mozzarella cheese with anchovy from WIRED CAFE

Bagna cauda with steamed vegetables, also from WIRED CAFE. The sauce was very tasty and I really liked it ;)

My third glass: LIEFMANS (fruit beer with cherry, strawberry, raspberry, etc.)

Frites, French fries with tomato ketchup mayonnaise from a food stall

Maneken's plain waffles, freshly baked

Roasted chicken. The skin was very crispy and tasty :)

We were wondering how much it'd cost to rent or buy an apartment like these

We stayed until it completely got dark

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3 thoughts on “Belgian Beer Weekend Tokyo 2010

  1. leeswammes says:

    That looks like a great night out! I love the pictures, beautiful. The waffles and fries are typically Belgian. We went to Brussels (the capital of Belgium) in the spring, and my sons loved the waffles. There are lots of small shops all over Brussels where you can buy them.

    I haven’t tried many Belgian beers as I’m not really a beer drinker. Which one did you like best?

    • Yoshi says:

      Thank you! I’m glad I took good pictures at that night :)

      I didn’t know you have sons! How old are they?

      To be honest, maybe I still prefer Japanese beer because of its bitterness and smooth texture, but I liked fruit beers like mistic lime and liefman :)

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