One-day Outing at Ginza

On September 4th, I met up with my old friend N at Ginza.  She was one of my best high school buddies and studied in Kyoto, then moved to Kita-Kyushu for work while I was  in Tokyo. So we rarely saw each other since graduating from high school.  On Saturday, we did spend one whole day walking, shopping, dining out at Ginza.

Chuo-dori, the main street in Ginza is free of vehicle on weekends

It was 11am, a bit early for lunch but we both skipped breakfast and I knew it would be crowded at restaurants and hard to get a seat, so we headed to the restaurant, where my boss took me last time.  This restaurant offers you free side dishes buffet if you order a lunch meal and I loved it.

My lunch plate

Juicy salmon grill with crispy fishskin

These are only my buffet plates :D

Vegetables (green peas with sesame sauce, seaweeds, gobo, edamame, cabbage) and tofu

Vegetable sticks with miso bean paste, salad and egg plant tempura

Thai-style vermicelli soup

Maccha green tea pudding with milk and some pink jelly

After walking out for a few hours, we got a little tired and needed to rest. So we found this coffee shop, where we had cold beverage and chatted.

Iced herb tea with sorbet

We went to a couple more places and it was getting dark. Since we had lunch early, it was time to go for dinner. はなの華 is an izakaya Japanese style pub restaurant.

Our first alcohol drinks and cold tofu with marinated kimuchi on the top :)

Crab omelet with green salad

Deep-fried chicken gristle, this is so good!

Yakitori skewered chicken grills

Korean spicy pickled fish innards

Grilled squid with sweet soy sauce and mayonnaise...yummy ;)

These doors make it a little private room for us

During the outing, I noticed a lot of things about her that I had not known before. She was thoughtful, talkative and fun. It was good meeting someone who you hasn’t seen so long and find something new about the person. We are going to see some of our high school friends next month, and I’m so excited.

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2 thoughts on “One-day Outing at Ginza

  1. Naoko says:


    銀座案内してくれて&good timeを過ごさせてくれてありがとう!


    • Yoshi says:



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