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水天宮 Suitengu Shrine

It was a quite while ago. On June 22nd, I dropped by 水天宮 on the way to a business meeting in the evening. I heard from my general manager that a lot of people come and pray at this shrine for having a baby or a safe delivery.

You can see the light green roop of the shrine over there

Cute doggy mom and puppy at the shrine



I had written on the other half of the card

This is taken after my lunch meeting with my bbf K’s sister, while she was writing a card to K. She said it is her new tradition of sending her sister a card when she meets someone who is related to K, their family members or their mature friends. I am sure K will be so happy and appreciate her sister’s thoughtfulness.

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Lunch -August 19th, 2010-

I had a seminar to attend  in the afternoon with my general manager and he took me to his kama-meshi place in Shimbashi, Tori-gin. Kama-meshi is “kettle rice” and is a traditional Japanese rice dish cooked in an iron pod, usually with seafoods, chicken, vegetables, mushrooms or bamboo shoot.

My tori(chicken) kamameshi

Kamameshi & yakitori lunch here

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