I had written on the other half of the card

This is taken after my lunch meeting with my bbf K’s sister, while she was writing a card to K. She said it is her new tradition of sending her sister a card when she meets someone who is related to K, their family members or their mature friends. I am sure K will be so happy and appreciate her sister’s thoughtfulness.

Back in June, I received a letter from my youngest sister (below photo). She used to write to me regularly while I was in college and she was only 6-10 years old and couldn’t write kanji Chinese characters well yet.  Now she is one of those rebellious teenagers, but still sounds sweet in her letter. That made me relieved.

She still make mistakes on kanji...!

Sometimes I really like the truth that I have sisters and no brothers. I just can’t imagine how it would be my relationship between a male sibling. Furthermore, I have this belief that sisters are bounded much stronger than sisters after looking other families as well my own relationship with my sisters.

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