Dinner -June 21st, 2010-

3 of my female co-workers have birthdays in late June, so we decided to throw a dinner party for them. I’m one of the organizers and book a table at Lime in Yurakucho, another branch in Azabu of which is often used for TV shooting, as all the birthday girls liked this place out of other 2 options which I offered them. For presents, other organizers prepared pretty bouquets of  fresh flowers and small teddy bear :)

I like their nameboard :)

Purple sky in the evening of Yurakucho

Beautiful color gradations

The aquarium where several different types of tropical fishes are swimming

Wide choice of beverages, from draft beer to sparkling wine or highball!

My berry sparkling wine for a toast ;)

Katsuo bonito fish carpaccio

Some kind of croqquettes but tastes...exotic :P

Inside, minced meat, lemon grass and some vegetables as far as I remember...

Fish sashimi on purple radish with garlic dressing. I love the dressing and deepfried crispy spring roll sheet :)

Salmon and deepfried spring rolls stuffed prawn

"Collagen Soup" which looks plain but was very tasty :)

Pork saute with stewed vegetables

Corn rice steamed and wrapped in banana leaf. Usually, I don't believe rice with corn, but this broke my rule! It was so good, but I was too full and couldn't take more than a few bites :/

Cake time~!!!

They offered us a free bottle of wine, labeled with the names of three birthday girls on :)

Beautiful cake decorations using various colors and shapes of fruits, chocolates and sauce :)

My piece of the cake. Small bits of banana makes a good combination with whipped cream and sponge cake!

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2 thoughts on “Dinner -June 21st, 2010-

  1. Nadia says:

    WOW. It all looks so good, I can’t pick a favorite. Maybe the fish carpaccio? Or the sashimi? *drool*

    By the way, thanks for adding me to your blog list :)

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