Lunch -June 14th, 2010-

The rainy season “tsuyu” is starting and it was raining all the day long. On a bad day for going out, I had 3 places to go for meeting…Anyways, my general manager took me to lunch at a yakiniku Korean BBQ restaurant in Ginza, 天壇. This lunch made my day! The place is cozy with fine food.

It was only 11:40 (10mins after they opened) but it was already crowded!

The restaurant is in 10th floor of this building

At lunch time they offer buffet of various kinds of side dishes

Salad, kimchi, namul, jjijim and stewed beef intetine

Stewed beef intestine...the beef was juicy and the fat tastes so good :)

Marinated short loin beef with rice and soup ;)

These slices are thin but fine quality of marbled beef :)

This makes me drool again XD

Good beef shouldn't be grilled too well

This yakiniku sauce is more like soup

I was surprised lunch set includes desset and drink :)

Maccha green tea Bavarian cream and iced coffee

Expensive for a lunch but worth is =)

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