Dinner -June 4th, 2010-

Recently, one of my close douki friends N has been transferred to other office near mine and we always wanted to hang out after work. So, we met up at about 19:30 on Friday night and headed to a Singaporean restaurant in the neighborhood. I have been there at lunch time before, but never tried it for dinner. I love their fried flat noodle with thick oyster sauce.

I like how our table is lighten up in the dark

Singaporean food goes with Singaporean beverage! ;)

Boiled chicken served cold on cucumber slices

Some flat wide rice noodle with seafoods

It was a warm early summer night :)

We talked until 22:30 about anything, work, our mature friends, our personal lives and all. Usually, I see her with other friends but this feels different and I enjoyed it a lot. I should do it again soon :)

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2 thoughts on “Dinner -June 4th, 2010-

  1. Brenda says:

    It’s quite ironic that we Singaporeans ourselves don’t really enjoy Tiger beer because it’s too bitter! We prefer german beer like paulaner :)

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