Dinner -May 27th, 2010-

My sister visited Tokyo so I decided to take her to the Sundubu jjigae Korean stew restaurant near my place. I had been there once before and liked it so much. Just like last time, I had seafood one and my sister had mixed of pork, chicken and seafood one called “magokoro” sundubu after the name of the restaurant.

Side dish and apple juice are served with the soup and rice :)

You can ask how spicy you want :) 0 is just salty without no spice at all!

Taken with my cellphone camera

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2 thoughts on “Dinner -May 27th, 2010-

  1. Nadia says:

    And on the right side of the last picture, is that how much garlic you can ask for? I’ve tried Korean food once and it was really heavy on the garlic! It was also so spicy that I cried eating it.

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