Lunch -May 24th, 2010-

After a business meeting in the morning, me and my general manager went to have lunch at Kagaya, a Japanese restaurant near Tokyo Big Sight in Ariake. The restaurant is owned by a famous onsen hotel, Kagaya in Ishikawa.

Today's special, 煮魚 ni-zakana lunch set

Sea beam Tai fish cooked in sugar and soy sauce soup with tofu and radish

Slices of radish,burdock root, carrot and beef (maybe)

Chawan-mushi steamed egg hotchpotch. Having chawan-mushi at a restaurant always reminds me of the old Japanese restaurant that my family used to go often and it closed down more than a decade ago.

Soup with wakame seaweed and o-fu dry gluten

Vegitable pickles

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2 thoughts on “Lunch -May 24th, 2010-

  1. leeswammes says:

    Great lunch! I wish my lunches were so varied and interesting.

    What does your manager say when you start making photographs of your food? Does she/he think you’re a bit strange? :-)

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