2010 Golden Week Family Trip -Day 2 / Part 4-

Before dinner, my dad told us not to expect too much for dinner. Since the room was bigger and nicer than the previous one, he said the meals wouldn’t be as good. BUT as you can see the photos below, the dinner was just amazing and we all were satisfied with both its quality and quantity.  Oh, here is the link to the hotel, which I forgot to put on the last entry.

This hotel's logo, rounded cute bell :)

The main course is Yamagata beef syabusyabu~ <3

Some fruit liquor as aperitif (left) and beer

Basashi horse meat (top) and Gyu-sashi beef sashimi (bottom)

Basashi with grated garlic

Ohitashi or Nibitashi. Not bad but nothing special.

Some vinegared vegetables with some edible flower on the top

Slippery wild vegetable with diced radish

A dish called "nuta", vegetable with vinegared miso

Nimono of bamboo shoot, prawn, o-fu and pumpkin tofu. Everything looks cute and has delicate taste. I loved it.

Deep-fried carp fish with teriyaki sauce

The pot is for shabushabu and only water and dried combu seaweed in there

Slices of Yamagata beef for shabushabu :)

Vegetables under the beef :D

Started with the veggies first since it takes more time to be cooked

This soy sauce based shabushabu dipping sauce. There is another sauce of sesame. Both are delicious.

Dad ordered a bottle of red wine from Takahata winery. But this is much more expensive than at the winery :P

Rice cooked in a pot personally and seperately

Burnt rice...I tried to make it because it tastes good :)

Served in my rice bowl

Osuimono soup with squid ball

Dessert. Yogurt pudding with blueberry sauce, whipped cream and strawberry on the top :)

Looks pretty <3

Oh, there is something yellow behind! Maybe pineapple or pear?

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2 thoughts on “2010 Golden Week Family Trip -Day 2 / Part 4-

  1. leeswammes says:

    Lovely pictures! You have eaten well on your road trip!

    I’m surprised that you have horse meat in Japan. In many countries people will not eat it, but it is also something that is eaten in my country, the Netherlands. We only eat it smoked in thin slices, usually on bread. Well, not me, I’m a vegetarian.

    • Yoshi says:

      Thank you! haha yes, we ate quite a lot XD

      Oh do you? I didn’t know that people in the Netherlands also enjoy horse meat! Sandwiches of smoked horse meat sounds nice =)

      P.S. Sorry I have a lot of meat pictures on my blog, but I hope you still enjoy it!

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