2010 Golden Week Family Trip -Day 2 / Part 3-

In the car, usually I chat with my family, eat or sleep. This time is no exception.  It’s on of the reasons I gained a little weight during the Golden Week. The other is that I ate too much for dinner!

Anyways, after Sakura Matsuiri we headed to Takahata Winery, where they show how to produce wines and sell their original wines, cheese, salami and more. We  bought 2 bottles of red and white wines. Since my dad likes drinking but nobody in my family drinks except me, I try to have a drink with him when I’m back home or he visits me in Tokyo. I hope this helps him feel better about the fact I’m living far away.

How the wine is produced

Then, we had lunch at a ramen restaurant called “Ichiban” nearby.

Noodle and donburi menus

My Ichiban miso ramen with lots of toppings

I gave all char siu barbecued pork to Muchy. She loves it :D

The hotel was located in a very small town in Yamagata and by the river and mountains. Our room had 2 separate rooms with tatami and a partition.  Later, my dad slept in a smaller room alone so we wouldn’t be bothered by his snoring :P

There are only onsen hotels and souvenir shops in this area

Muchy photographing cherry blossoms from the big window of the room

Just like the night before, we relaxed for a while eating snacks and chatting, and took a onsen bath. It was refreshing after a pretty warm day. Until dinner, we had one hour and me and my sisters went for a walk around. Actually, we wanted to try soy milk soft-serve ice cream of a tofu shop that we checked out in the brochure.

My sisters looking for the tofu shop

Unfortunately, the shop was closed and we ended up dropping by souvenir shops and buying something for our other families and friends instead.

Going to see the river. Look at the bags they are bringing! We bought a lot :P

Other onsen hotel in the other side of the river

Um...I think I took too many photos of sakura XD

We came back before the dawn. Here is the hotel we stayed at that night

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