2010 Golden Week Family Trip -Day 1 / Part 2-

For that night, we stayed at this onsen hotel in Kaminoyama City, Yamagata. As soon as we arrived at the hotel, they led us to the lobby, where we enjoy our welcome drink coffee.

The entrance of the hotel

Then, we headed to our room. It was only 4pm, so we ate snacks and drink green tea and got changed into yukata (casual summer cotton kimono). At onsen hotels, people wear yukata all the time. That is one thing I like about there. Also, this hotel gives us a personal choice of colorful pretty yukata, but only for girls. Men have to wear the hotel’s original plain yukata. I settled on light blue, my middle sister Momo is lavender, my youngest sister Muchy for hot pink :)

For those who don’t know what you do at onsen hot spring bath, here is some advise I can offer you.

  1. You have to take off all your clothes in the changing area. You can bring your towel to the bath area, and toiletries if you need.
  2. First, you have to wash your body before going in to the bath.
  3. After that, you can go take a bath. BUT you must NOT put your towel into the bath. Just leave it on the side of the bathtub. This is because, soaps left and not washed away in the towels might spoil the onsen watar’s clearness.
  4. After taking onsen, it is better not to shower but just to wipe off the water on your body. So that you will be able to enjoy the benefits of onsen hot springs more. If you shower, that means you wash those benefits away.

Anyways, we all were refreshed and feeling hot as we finished our first bath session. (I will talk about it later, but we took onsen another 2 times after this.) We took a rest for a while back at our room and went to have dinner in a personal dining room for us at 6pm.

My main course of the dinner *photo credit Momo but taken with my Canon*


Suntory Highball of Scotch whiskey and carbonated water, and pickles. Treat for my dad, who drove all the way from home!

This is from the onsen hotel

Snacks that we brought and the hotel prepared for us


The table for me and my sisters

For my parents and grandma

先付け/sakiduke appetizers

Negi green onion with su-miso vinegared bean paste. This tastes ordinary but like the color combination of white, light green, deep green, light brown and pink. Looks pretty.

Goma-dofu that feels elastic with a rich flavor and taste of sesame

Aperitif plum wine, sweet and fruity :)

Zao Star white and red wines made in Yamagata

Benibana soba noodle flavored/colored by safflower

Sashimi (tuna, shrimp,and sea bream)

Paper wrapped salmon grill

My Yamagata beef steak <3

Not only juicy, the meat is tender...That's why I love wagyu!

My youngest sister's dinner plate. She doesn't like typical traditional Japanese dishes that usually onsen hotels serve. So my dad asked kid's menu for her :D

Muchy's Yamagata beef humberger. She said this was so tasty. She had her beef steak, too. How lucky!

Sukiyaki for my parents and grandma. We can pick steak or sukiyaki for the main course, and we enjoyed both. We are so greedy!

Yamagata beef for sukiyaki. Look how the beef is marbled!

Vegetables, mushroom and tofu for sukiyaki

Cooking sukiyaki

Everyone digging into sukiyaki...I was stuffed with my beef steak but had some of sukiyaki. It was yummy!

芋煮 imoni, Yamagata's speciality soup of taro root, sliced beef or pork, kon-nyaku and more. Muchy loved this and she took some of mine. So, my grandma promised her to cook this at home :)

Something wrapped with yuba tofu skin

My sisters wearing kimono and using forks and knives...I found it a little funny =P

O-suimono soup with fish ball and o-fu wheat gluten. Usually, they serve rice and soup at the end before dessert for Japanese traditional formal meal. This time we were too full and skipped rice.

Dessert (grapefruit, pineapple, strawberry, tiramisu, maccha green tea mousse, and sakura-mochi)

Somehow I managed to finish my steak! (Some veggies and fat left, though)

The feast is finally over. Look how we are messy eaters =P

After dinner, we came back to the room and watched some TV show that my group company cooperated the shooting. It was interesting but I could see only half of it. (My dad actually recorded the show at home and I watched the whole show later after I came back home)

At 10pm or so, we went to take onsen again. I was feeling warm and happy until my dad started to snore like thunder. He was snoring all the night and I barely could sleep. Thanks to him, I woke up tired and sleepless the next morning…:/

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