Lunch -May 12th, 2010-

After visiting the gallery in Ginza where my company is giving an exhibition, my manager took me to lunch at here. This is a 水炊き Japanese Chicken hot pot restaurant and it is originally from Fukuoka. I had never really tried this kind of hot pot before, but it looked so tempting with thick white soup.

My 博多御膳 Hakata lunch set

Mizutaki hotpot of chicken cuts, chicken meatballs, tofu, cabbage and other vegetables.

Spices for the Mizutaki. Left: Yuzu-kosyo (Yuzu citrus flavored paste), right: chives

The meat was tender and the skin was full of collagen!

I had it with a bit of yuzu-kosho. That was nice.

I poured the soup into the china, where there was some salt and chives in the bottom.

Rice with millet. Sometimes I prefer this rather than usual white rice

Some green vegetable pickles with tarako. Very salty but go well with rice.

Milk pudding with caramel sauce, it looks like tofu with soy sauce though! The pudding was elastic and tasted pretty good :)

Their dinner menus. I'm thinking to take my sister or friends here next time :)

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