Dinner -May 12th, 2010-

One of my douki coworkers, who were employed in the same year as me quit the job as to get married and relocate to a small city in Ibaraki, where her husband is currently living. So, some of the female coworkers and me planned a farewell dinner for her. It was held at an Italian restaurant in Yurakucho/Ginza area, 家 [ie], which means “home” in Japanese.

Four different types of prosciutto dry-cured ham. I am a big fan of prosciutto!

Lettuce salad with crispy bacon

Seafood marinade (octopus, prawn and scallop)

Our bread (baguette and rolls) and olive oil for dipping

Tuna cutlet with tomato sauce

Pizza with prosciutto. Loved it!

Penne pasta with creamy fishy squid sauce. This is a little weird combination but was tasty.

Seafood spaghetti with karasumi (salted dried mullet roe)

My ice cream, chocolate, vanilla and strawberry

My douki looked so happy and even prettier than usual, which made all of us feel warm and happy as well!

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