2010 Golden Week Family Trip -Day 1 / Part 1-

As my family’s annual GW event, we went on a trip to onsen hot springs. We stayed two night in different onsen hotels in Yamagata, which is approximately 400km north of  Tokyo and facing to the Sea of Japan.

Until this Golden Week, the express fee is only 1,000yen and we expected the traffic would be heavy. So we left home early in the morning and headed to my grandma’s to pick her up. Then, picked up my middle sister in Sendai on the way to Yamagata.

On the highway from the car window :)

In the morning, Mom made onigiri rice balls to bring and eat in the car. Here is some filling for onigiri. Left: salted cod roe たらこ Right: marinated spicy cod roe 明太子

After microwaved for a couple of minutes

See how many onigiri Mom made for 6 of us!

Look at those carp-shaped streamers こいのぼり. This is a Japanese custom that families with boys fly こいのぼり around May 5th, while those families with girls display 雛人形 dolls around March 3rd.

Stuck in traffic...

My aunty made some more onigiri for us :)

Yakiniku BBQ meat onigiri that my aunty made

Wrapped like one in a convenient store!

My favorite Japanese candy, Hi-Chew ;)

Typical Japanese countryside scenery

For lunch, we only had some onigiri, which didn’t fill our stomaches and we also had some time until check-in. So we drove off at a family restaurant Saizeriya to grab some snack.

Me and my yougest sister shared this. She wanted the ice cream and I ate the coffee jelly :D

My cappuccino (I had more drinks like soda since this was all-you-can-drink for 200yen or so)

I always order this. Focaccia flat Italian bread with cinnamon sugar. My youngest sister took half of it...XD

Pizza Margherita

Pizza with bacon, ham and sausage

Dad's spaghetti and Chorizo spicy pork sausage & fries. I stole one sausage and it tasted pretty good :)

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2 thoughts on “2010 Golden Week Family Trip -Day 1 / Part 1-

  1. japanablog says:

    Now I’m hungry. :)

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