Lunch -May 1st, 2010-

I was back at my parents’ house on Golden Week. As I got there early in the afternoon, my mom, grandma and youngest sister were chatting and eating as usual.

At home, the table is always loaded with snacks -__-

Mom bought a bunch of bananas for me. She knows I like them and almost never forgets to get them when I go back home. Once Mom bought bananas for my middle sister because she thought my sister liked them, too. But actually my sister doesn't like them and got upset. Sometimes or often my mom is confused about what each of her daughters likes and she even calls us wrong name like she said my name but actually she wants to call my sister XD

Some green veggies that my grandmother raised

おひたし, boiled veggies with soy sauce and bonito shavings

たくあん, my grandmother's homemade radish pickles

Mom's Japanese pork curry with grandma's cabbage pickles

Not spicy enough for youngest sister likes a little sweet one =/

Mom's homemade gyoza Chinese dumplings :)

I think mom pan-fried it well!

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