Lunch -April 27th, 2010-

Yes, my general manager took me to lunch again after we had a meeting at the other office. It was today’s special, chicken karaage lunch set. It came with chawanmushi (steamed egg savor pudding) as well as and miso soup. The chicken was crispy and juicy but it would be perfect if they marinate or seasoned the meat before deep-frying.
He is so kind and generous and treated me dessert, too! Kuzumochi is like between odango dumpling and jelly, and chewy like mochi. It was delicious and low in the calories compared to those Western snacks.

white stuff next to karaage is potato sauce not "tororo"!

with kinako soybean flour and brown sugar syrup

Today was another busy day for me. I wish I could do things twice as fast or there were 48 hours a day.

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